Sunburn Arena: David Guetta to kickstart 2017

Sunburn Arena With David Guetta 2017
Written by Archit Chawla

Pack your bags and pull up your socks to embark on an exciting celebration of the year 2017 and make yourselves carved out from ‘Titanium’ itself. The 10-year-old prodigy of Electronic Dance Music at its best, Sunburn, continues in 2017 with the pop trailblazer DJ David Guetta in Sunburn Arena. Set to take place from 13th to 15th January in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Noida respectively, this Indian visit is going to be a part of his ‘Unity Tour 2017’. He has been one of the important figures in the previous editions of Sunburn as well and is ready to create pop alchemy, Unite them with music and shower them with some extra Love.

David Guetta India Tour
Pierre David Guettais a.k.a our very own David Guetta is a French DJ, record producer, remixer, and songwriter is #6 in the World’s Top 100 Dj’s for 2016. This maven is skilled in finding chart-bursting choruses and letting them reach the audience before crushing them with hammer beats, which makes him connect more solidly than EDM-Big hitters. Another astounding addendum to this carnival will be Robin Schulz, a German DJ and musician, with some of his famous tracks like Prayer in C and ‘Sun Goes Down’. He is definitely no comparison to our Headliner but is not much less than him and will be joining the Arena at all three venues.


Sunburn Arena
After an entire year of celebration, Sunburn in its 10th year is witnessing the biggest carnivals ever: Sunburn campus, Sunburn Reload and Sunburn Arena with all the big names playing in India. Cubezoid Stage, Space Station Stage along with the iconic Dance Temple Stage and the flea market and bungee jumping zone is all we can think of. This Sunburn Arena 2017 is going to throw a never seen show of indoor rockets, laser webs, and some mind-blowing visuals. All of this will continue to draw fans from all over the world in Sunburn, one of the Top 4 music festivals you should attend at least once in a lifetime.

If you want to have your chest thumping loud, dance to the best of melodies of this generation and have your nostrils clogged with more pyro smoke than the smoking chimney, come visit and leave your problems to fade away. Give Sunburn a chance to surprise you one more time, keep you pumped up and well, kick start your most anticipated year, 2017. Book your early-bird passes right away for the best music concerts in January and Catch David Guetta live with us at BookMyShow.

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