Here are Super Awesome Upcoming Workshop Events in Mumbai

Here are Super Awesome Upcoming Workshop Events in Mumbai
Written by Heenal Shah

Has every day been the same lately? Is monotony the story of your life? Have you ever felt like getting out of your comfort zone and learning a new skill all together? Does the thought of waking up early on weekends and learning something new make you happy? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then we have a magical solution under our sleeve, just for you. 

It’s time to get creative and learn a new skill. With multiple art, photography and drama workshops to choose from, plan a day and unleash your creative side. This month awesome venues you are hosting supercool workshops. So choose from these options right away.

1.Hazy Winter Knife Painting Workshop:

Paint the “Hazy Winter” using knives & acrylic paint on Canvas. As always, art supplies are all taken care of. And the best part? Amateurs, beginners & no painters all are welcome, no experience is needed. 

WHEN: August 25 2018

WHERE: Doolally Taproom

Hazy Winter Knife Painting Workshop

2. A Watercolour Zentangle Diary:

This workshop lets you unleash your creative side and paint the cover of your favorite diary or notebook. As intricate as Zentangle painting is, you require no prior skills for it and you also get to show off your quirky diary at work and to your friends.

WHEN: September 2 2018

WHERE: Doolally Taproom

A Watercolour Zentangle Diary

3. Raell Padamsee’s Ace – Speech And Drama:

With the help of the performing arts, this course aims to train your little ones in skills such as Public Speaking, Effective Communication, Increased Confidence Levels and Social Skills. The age limit for the workshop is 4 to 13 years.

WHEN: August 25 – September 12

WHERE: Multiple Venues

Raell Padamsee’s Ace - Speech And Drama

4. Anupam Kher`s Actor Prepares- Acting &Dance Workshop:

This weekend workshop provides students the opportunity to sharpen their skills by training in the advanced modules of acting and dance offered and it also does not put an obstacle in their regular personal schedules. The duration of the course is of 35 sessions.


5. Shivaji Storm Photography Workshop:

The workshop will teach you how to work with natural light, studio lighting & post-production. The workshop is divided into theory that comprises of 20% of the module. Whilst the other 80% is practical learning that lets you shoot with special subjects.

Shivaji Storm Photography Workshop

WHEN: September 8 2018

There are multiple other painting and art workshops to choose from. So explore for the same and book for a creative day right away.


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