Tedx Women Bangalore Event 2016

Tedx Women Bangalore Event 2016
Written by Pooja Ahuja

Tedx is far more feminine this time, far softer, but much more curious, enthusiastic, and yes goal-driven.


Tedx Bangalore franchise, have authenticated this event by doing a lot of R&D. The inspiration this time is TIME.


The fundamental coherency is to magnify 24 hours and squeeze optimum weight of ours so that 30-inch waist looks tapered in 24 inches DAYNIMS. Ted talks, in fact, have made it more lucid and brought last year’s theme to fore-fluid.

The chronology of the whole convention is all about time-management. The pipeline is already been dug on its place. The Filtration process requires sieving through and deeply penetrating into time-saving technologies, various fundamental issues with climate, races, gender, economy, money, climate and how much we are fully expressed, present to ourselves and the others.

So a whole lot of activities bundled up together, to provide organized time-saving solutions, two -18 minutes crisp TED’s famous talks; backed with entertainment, laughter and mouthful of snacks.

TEDx Bangalore is presenting the event at Sky Deck at Bengaluru Black Box in the heart of Whitefield on 28th October. The renowned speakers contributing towards the whole event are: DELL EMC, Deepa Narasimhan; SINGER, Soundarya Jayachandran; AUTHOR and DIVERSITY CONSULTANT, Naomi George; PSYCHOTHERAPIST and working for LGBTQ community, Veena Sethuraman and well-known PERFUMER, Ally Mattan.

Ted Talk Speakers are designers who tailor-make their topics and tie the noose firmly around the theme. It’s more centric, firm, crisp and organic. The topics range from science, discovery, technology, obviously engaging and seaming the audience with current TIMEline. Above all, a must visit show!!
Tedx audience is never disappointed. Who wants to lose grip over money and time?? I don’t… So Columbus has already sailed towards America…the point is, he has to reach on TIME. And the time is Now…well, visit Tedx Bangalore…It’s more time-saving…
Summary: Ted Talks and TEDx Bangalore, this time come with a set timeline and time- saving topics to impact you for lifetime. Many gurus and achievers will be gracing the occasion.

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