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7 Upcoming Gaming Events in Mumbai

Bank Heist
Written by Delnaz Divecha

Are you a fan of outdoor fun and games? Then there are plenty of ways for you to have a blast in your city. Check out the list of gaming events in Mumbai, which cover everything from online games, to adventure sports, to escape games. They are all guaranteed to provide you and your friends a day of fun, adventure, and bonding. Take a look!

Flight 4 Fantasy

This first-of-its-kind gaming event gives its user the opportunity to fly. With premier flight simulation hardware and software to experience flying like it is really happening, you can take off and land at more than 20,000 airports around the world. This is indeed a memorable experience.

Flight 4 Fantasy

Liebherr Farewell FIFA 18 Cup

Paradox Gamers and Sony PlayStation India brings its last FIFA 18 tournament to Mumbai. It is time to show the skills you have gained over the season and win the ultimate tournament with a grand prize pool on INR 1,00,000. So get ready for the ultimate gaming experience.

Bank Heist

Video games are not your scene? This adventure game will surely pique your interest. The challenge is for a team of four to attempt a heist on a bank. The security system will be deactivated for 60 minutes only, wherein the group has to rob the vault and escape before the police arrives.

Bank Heist

No Escape

Yet another enthralling escape game, this one tests your observation, detective skills, ability to keep calm under pressure, and team skills through a set of unique and challenging tasks. This activity is designed to be one of the most fun and challenging ways to spend time with friends.

No Escape


The Illuminati has surfaced from the shadows to carry out the final phase of its revenge against its most hated enemy – the Church. With the mysterious death of the Pope, the team has to embark on a dangerous adventure into the Vatican and prove that the death was indeed a murder.

Escape the Tomb

If you are a fan of Egyptian history, here you get the opportunity to play the role of an archaeologist. The challenge is to break into a tombs, identify the Pharaoh, and escape within 60 minutes, or the curse will take over and you will be locked in the tomb forever!

The Lost Kingdom

Dare to open the door and enter the inner sanctum of a lost kingdom. Here, a team is locked in a room, which has all the elements to keep them inside forever. The challenge is to break out in 60 minutes while danger lurks in every corner.

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