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Chennai Is Brimming With Great Events This Weekend

upcoming Events In Chennai
Written by Ankkit Siingh

You have to be in Chennai if you are someone who wants to experience culture in an intimate manner. And you should be there if you want to be in the midst of great events that are happening in the city. Oh, if you are not aware, a lot of events are taking place in Chennai and you might be wondering, well that’s quantity, but what about the quality? The events are all good, and all of them are worth attending. Add to that, the wide breadth of the events that are happening in the city, and you have got yourself the best city you can be if great events are something you are looking out for.

Coffee Brewing 101 with Marc
So let’s start this one with some coffee. Well, more like a 101 on how to brew the perfect cup. For those not aware, coffee brewing is an art and now you can learn to be super skilled in this art. The Brew Room is a workshop that will update you on coffee basics and will tell you everything that you need to know about coffee brewing. The session will be conducted by coffee expert Marc who’s originally from Spain. Marc produces coffee and has his own cafes in Auroville. The session will introduce you to the many different varieties of coffee along with many different brewing methods used around the world. The process will show you how to brew the best coffee possible and you will be soon sipping some fresh java made at home.

Evam Presents Karthik Kumar’s Second Decoction It’s time to tickle your funny bone. And, who’s better at the job than the ever funny Karthik Kumar. And, he is back with his Second Decoction. So, come and catch him doing the super hit special. For most of you, you remember him for his special PokeMe. The act is a celebration of all the things that are second best! So get onto the bandwagon all things second best and enjoy yourselves.

Seems good? Well, Chennai has much more to offer than we can cover in this article. And that is a good thing if you ask us. So, the quintessential question is, where can you discover more amazing events that are happening in Chennai? And, where can you get your tickets booked? Just head to our website. And get ready for the events in Chennai coming your way.

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