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Written by Ankkit Siingh

Is there any city like Chennai? Come to think of it, the city is the perfect place to be if events are something that you happen to be fond of! The place is always brewing with events, and that too of all kinds. From plays, stand-ups, musical events to workshops. You name it and the city will have something related to it happening in the vicinity. So if you are interested in knowing what is brewing in the city or happen to be in the city, then you have come to the right place. Without any further ado let’s get into all that is happening in the city.

Evam presents Sunday LOL at Bay 146 With Vivek and Rahul Sridhar When in Chennai you better go through the roster of comic events happening in the city. You might not be aware as to how hilarious they can become. And by hilarious we genuinely mean the dictionary definition of the word. One such event is Welcome to Sunday LOL with Evam stand-up tamasha! What better way to finish your Sunday than with with hilarious food and yummy humor. And we know you wouldn’t like it any other way. This week, you will have two very smart and witty comics as headliners, Vivek and Rahul Sridhar and the event will be hosted by Aravind Radhakrishnan.
An epic evening awaits you and you shouldn’t miss it!

Evam Presents Karthik Kumar’s Second Decoction
Another funny one on the list and this one is starring Karthik Kumar. The event in question is The Second Decoction. After having toured all over the country and abroad, Karthik Kumar’s Second Decoction is back. Owing to that you wouldn’t want to miss the super hit stand-up special. Second Decoction is Karthik Kumar’s second Stand-up Special. If you happened to attend his first, PokeMe, then you know that this one will be all about celebrating everything that is second best.

Pundits – Underground
The Pundits, Crea-Shakthi’s comedy collective, will be performing on the home turf at the Crea- Studio which is the cozy little basement in Gopalapuram Chennai. The Pundits – Underground, the 2nd edition – is your ticket to a hilarious evening. And you will be the first to get a glimpse of the rib tickling belly aching jokes that are to be found only in the cozy basement studio!

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