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A Cultural Hub, Chennai Is The City To Be In If Great Events Are Your Thing

upcoming Events In Chennai
Written by Ankkit Siingh

Chennai has always been a multi-cultural city, and this seems to seep into the many events that Chennai is always brimming with events. And with so many events happening, it only makes sense to go through at least some of them. So, without further ado, let’s go through the events happening in the city of Chennai.

This is the year when India celebrates its 70th year of independence, and the annual fundraiser concert is holding an event titled [email protected] This will be a one of a kind event as it will feature Aruna Sairam and Sudha Ragunathan together. The duo will be representing the women of today who strive for accomplishments solely on merit. It will be a historic show with a duration of approximately 75-minutes that will transcend the barriers of language and style.

CAPM Training and Certification
With an ever-increasing demand for CAPM, it only makes sense to attend this Global Skill-up event, where you get CAPM Training towards CAPM Certification meant for project management. The certification is important as it ensures that you are ready to apply to industries which are constantly on the lookout for project managers who are CAPM certified.

Evam Stand-Up Tamasha Presents ‘The Yogi & the Bear
If something funny is on your mind, then this is the show that will have your funny bone tickling like never before.
‘The Yogi and the Bear,’ is the stand-up comedy that features content from Alex and Baggy. What really makes this comic event one of the more funny events in town is the great timing of both the personalities and when they come together it is going to be hard to control your laughter.

VGP Universal Kingdom
The VGP Universal Kingdom was established at a time when amusement parks were unheard of in India. Then a new concept of leisure, soon the place was populated with the very best of rides from countries abroad. 40 years on, and it is still the largest theme park in India. A must visit if visiting a good theme park has been on your mind.

Another comedy event on the list and this one is a little different from anything you have seen. Why? Well, because here you will find amateur comedians performing professionally. And, be ready for a surprise guest comedian you might know about.

That’s not all. There are many more events happening in Chennai, and you can know all about them by visiting our website. So, get your tickets booked and be ready for a fun-filled time.

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