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Events With Many Different Flavors Are Happening In Delhi

Upcoming Events in Delhi
Written by Ankkit Siingh

If you have ever been to an event, then you know how lively and liberating the whole experience can be! So once there you never stop looking for more events that up the game. Events that enable you to experience pop-culture affiliations in the most intimate manner possible. So events are fun, that’s established. But you know what’s better? Attending events in a city that is as alive as the events you wish to be present at. And what better city to meet such expectations than Delhi. The capital is filled with events that will make your summer all the more happening. Let’s go through some of them.

Not Here for Hookups Comedy shows are many but not all of them are different. Yes, this one is. ‘Not Here For Hookups’ is a comedy show that features 3 comics who will have you laughing harder than ever. And apparently they are here to entertain people and not for any of the materialistic joys. So, be there to laugh out loud and have an hilarious evening.

A Night Photography Lesson at India Gate If you are fond of clicking good pictures with your camera, then this is meant for you. The aim of the workshop is to teach you the techniques that are rarely taught and it will be held at the India Gate. With its lush green lawns, India gate is an apt location for learning portrait photography. With such a historic monument along with people, cars and broad roads that offer a photographer a plethora of opportunities to click excellent photographs and make the most use of the opportunity presented to you.

Paigam-e-Mohabbat – A Live Ghazal Concert by Shri Pankaj Udhas All Pankaj Udhas fans rejoice! Paigam-e-Mohabbat is a live concert by Pankaj Udhas which will have the acclaimed singer performing his all time favorite ghazals. Some of the ghazals that he will be performing will include ‘Chithhi aayi hai’, ‘Aur Ahista kijiye batein’, ‘Mera dil bhi kitna pagal’ and much more. The event will also aim to create more awareness about the prime minister’s vision regarding Clean and Green India with his campaign for ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.

These are only some of the events happening in Delhi, but there is more and you can get a look at all of them on our website. The events are many and will cater to audiences of all age groups and tastes.

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