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Finest Events You Can Get To Witness In Kolkata This Weekend

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Written by Ankkit Siingh

The city of Kolkata is synonymous with art and culture. And that being the case, you would expect the city to be brimming with events. And it is. The city Kolkata is filled with events that are happening around at all times. The events in question not only will give you an entertainment filled weekend and a great time but also might lend you a new perspective on things.

Haq Se Single feat. Zakir Khan
You know you are in for a laughter filled evening if it is a Zakir Khan show, and that’s what it is. The stand-up comedian rose to prominence after winning Comedy Central’s award for India’s best stand-up comedian. He will be joined by Kalkutta Komedians.
Kalkutta Komedians are Kolkata’s first stand-up comedy group, which only makes the whole event all the more exciting.

Yoga Workshop with Jules Febre
Did you know that Jivamukti is a practice that enables you to experience bliss and harmony? The practice is ancient and is rooted in many benefits. And now you can learn it too! The practice combines the physical, ethical, and spiritual practice, in adherence to the five central tenets which are shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsa (nonviolence, non-harming), nada (music), and dhyana (meditation). This workshop is geared towards those who are keen to learn the ropes of the practice from the best.

A Group Heritage Walk Through the Cemeteries of Kolkata
A guided tour that enables you to explore the two colonial cemeteries of the city of Kolkata. To make things more interesting, they won’t be disclosing the names of the cemeteries. The tour will begin with a cemetery built upon a modest church. It is one of the earliest buildings that was commissioned by the English East India Company as Calcutta went on to become headquarters of the colonial administration. In the church compound, you will find the grave of the founder of Kolkata along with other eminent servants of the East India Company. You will also get to know about how the founder found himself in the malaria-infested swamp that Calcutta earlier was. This tour is an explorer’s paradise.

2 Day Cookery Workshop By Shobha Indani (Renowned Chef From Pune)
When in Kolkatta, great tasting food is coming your way for sure. And what if you could cook such great tasting food at home? Well, that is exactly this cookery workshop by Shobha Indani intends to accomplish. Learn and witness the practical demo of more than 100 items that you will be presented with.

Karuna Dharay Eso
An Indo-Bangladesh collaborative project, the initiative is by Darpani. A humble endeavor that aims to commemorate the centenary of the award of Nobel Prize to Rabindranath Tagore for his work, Gitanjali. The event aims to present the border themes at work in Gitanjali. Those are just a few events that you can catch up within the coming days. But that’s not to say that there are no more. Book tickets for the above and explore more on our website.

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