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Get Set For Travel & Adventure Activities In Mumbai

Get Set For Travel & Adventure Activities In Mumbai
Written by Nikita Mehta


One of the most everyday phrases is that ‘variety is the spice of life’. Although overused, it does not mean that the phrase doesn’t hold true because clichés are clichés for a reason. As Indians, we are habituated to a varied range of spice in our food but have we forgotten to add flavour in our lives. In the bustle of routines and schedules, the oncoming deadline is a source of an adrenalin rush and the one off chance that the roads are free of traffic is thrilling. If you feel that true adventure can only be obtained by looking at heroes on the silver screen – think again. In the age of possibilities, even you can crack the code, get the kick and save the day.

With the seasonal rainfall that the city has been experiencing off late, why not indulge yourself in a monsoon trek all over again? The Monsoon Special Trek to Highest Peak – Kalsubai, is considered as one of the most exciting and endurance testing trek. At a height of 5400 ft., this trek is one of the most popular ones in the list. A unique and an unforgettable experience in itself, this trek can surely re-ignite your passion for trekking. The rains will only make it better!

Monsoon Special Trek to Highest Peak - Kalsubai


If you are not too fond of trekking, you can camp too! One more adventure, Pawna Lake Camping will give you an opportunity to camp there. Overlooking a scenic valley and situated closer to both Pune & Lonavala, this is an exceptional, unexplored area that is perfect for an awesome end of the week getaway. A complete off-road mountain terrain, this one is raw in the perfect definition of how a campsite should be. So live your dream of staying in tents and sleeping with the stars under the clear blue sky!

Pawna Lake Camping


If water-parks during the summers are great, then water-parks during the monsoon are a must! With options like Imagica Water Park, The Great Escape Water Park, Water Kingdom, Wet & Joy and many more to choose from, it’s time for you to dive into pools while the rain Gods do their job. With exciting activities planned at these venues all throughout the season, it sure will be a memorable visit.



Land activities do not fascinate you anymore? Well, we’ve got something for you up in the air too! This season, enjoy a Mumbai Helicopter Ride, 1000 feet above the city. An unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking beauty of Mumbai and its surrounding areas, this thrilling ride promises that you’ll fall in love with your city, all over again!

Mumbai Helicopter Ride


This list is exhaustive and we possibly cannot list down all the wonderful events we have in store for you. There are others across cities like Paradise Funland, Rafting Madness @ Kolad, Island Camping at Laknavaram, Monteria Monsoon Bash, Kishore Kumar Musical Tour to Khandwa, and many more.

Rafting Madness @Kolad


So now that we’ve given you this plethora of options to choose from, why wait? With bookings for all of these available on our website, get set and indulge in adventure!


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