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Are you ready to be the Gods of Small Talk?

Do you happen to be one of those stalwarts who love some chit chat? Does banter about everyday stuff excites you more than anything, probably even more than partying or clubbing? But have you been in places where people tell you that your small talk doesn’t serve a purpose and you must do something rewarding in life. Well, the day has come to shut those naysayers!

Welcome to the Gods of Small Talk, a LIVE game show that will leave you speechless for sure! Based on a popular game show Gods of Small Talk is all about speaking for a minute on a topic given to you without stammering or stuttering. The speaker is expected to converse in Queens English without the use of any minor or major objections at the sole discretion of the MASTER. The topics are absolutely fictitious where everything is made up and the points DO matter!

The person with the most points will emerge as the winner in this small talk conquest. This contest is a test of creativity, spontaneity, wit and gift to the gab. This avenue for entertainment is clearly unlike any avenue for entertainment that has been made open before. The Gods of Small Talk will surely thrill, chill and drill you with all the knowledge you need to make some small talk.

Get ready to be the talk of the town!

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Varsha Pillai

She’s human. At least that’s what she’ll tell you. Dare you tell her that she has a good sense of humor and be prepared to be the lab rat for all her lame jokes for the rest of your life. Apart from that, she’s got a master’s degree in ‘Being a 4 a.m. friend’ and is currently pursuing her PhD in making instant noodles.

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