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For Great Events, Make It To Hyderabad

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Written by Ankkit Siingh

What city do you visit when you want the perfect amalgamation of culture and modernity? You visit the city of Hyderabad! You are not only in for an amazing city that is buzzing with culture, but also for a great show of many events. Yes, you heard us right. Hyderabad has turned into a hub for events. And the events happening are all so good that you will be hard pressed to choose between them. Not only that, but the events are varied and will cater to many different audiences. Here’s a sneak peak at the many events that are happening in the city of Hyderabad.

Friday Stand-Up Comedy Feat. Varun Thakur Hope Floats Micro Brewery and Pier 33 are bringing you Feature Fridays where they will be presenting India’s best comedians. And this week, you will be witnessing Varun Thakur! So be prepared for a laugh-riot at Pier 33 and also enjoy freshly-brewed craft beer.

Comedy at Its Best Feat. Sahil Shah Another comedy event coming your way! Sahil Shah is not your regular comedian. He is what you’d call an incredibly handsome comedian, in his dreams. His off-centre one-liners are what get you laughing and then the laughs just won’t stop. With shows in over 6 cities, he’s your one-stop destination to everything funny. So, make sure you are there and get your funny bones tickled!

Dream Valley Resorts The whole theme of the park is catered towards providing you with a weekend getaway for families who spend most of their time working. This is the perfect getaway that will enable you to to relax, rejuvenate and spend quality time with your friends and family. This is not your usual resort or waterpark. This is a resort with waterpark that will mesmerize you the moment you visit the place. So when the thought of relaxing crosses your mind, you know where to head to! Get your tickets for Dream Valley Resorts on our website!

Hawaiian Food Festival This is the event where you get to take your taste buds on an exotic journey! Be ready to savor the most palatable dishes that the Pacific has to offer. So are you ready to experience true Hawaiian flavor in India?

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