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Blue Frog Pune Events
Written by Ankkit Siingh

If you happen to be visiting the city of Pune, one thing that will definitely stand out for you is a number of venues that are to be found. And, with venues, you also get the number of events happening in those venues. Here is one way of looking at the whole situation, instead of being on the lookout for great events, why not look out for great venues. One such venue that we will be promoting in this blog post is Blue Frog. Now there is a lot that can be said about Blue Frog and how great a venue it is, but at the end of the day, the events decide it’s worth. So, let’s get to the events that you will find at Blue Frog.


Speed Dating Singles LOL - Blue Frog Pune

Speed Date Singles with LOL Online dating might be the new fad but it mostly ends up with people wasting time on fake profiles. So, it is time to try something new and invigorating. So, how does it actually work? You get the chance to engage in conversations with 8 Eligible Singles for a duration of 6 minutes each. Based on your conversations with each participant you get to rate them. So, how does this sound? It sure sounds enticing and if you are single then you should definitely go for this event.


Punchliners Standup Comedy Feat Gaurav Kapoor & Kausik Srivastava Pune Event @ Blue Frog

Punchliners: Stand-Up Comedy Show Feat.Gaurav Kapoor and Kautuk Srivastava If funny, well we mean, if hilarious, comedians are something that you look forward to then Punchliners is where you should be heading. So, prepare yourself for a night that will be filled with laughter. Punchliners brings you the best talent from all over the country and creates a lineup that’s perfect, week after week.


Punchliners Standup Comedy Feat Rajneesh Kapoor Pune Event @ Blue Frog

Punchliners: Stand-Up Comedy Show Feat. Rajneesh Kapoor Be ready to experience Rajneesh Kapoor, a Delhi-based stand-up comedian who is also responsible for the daily comic strip, ‘This Is Our Life’. Rajneesh presents you a comic style that is clean and idea-driven! He also adores cats. Well, why this bit of information counts? Well, because you might find some jokes coming your way that will leave you gasping for breath. The proceeds of the show will be donated to an NGO that buys beers for thirsty comedians, or so we’ve heard.

So, that is not all. There is more. So much more venues in Pune Just head to our website and get exploring

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