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Kolkata, Here’s Five Events This April You Should Not Miss

Kolkata upcoming events
Written by Mansi Gupta

Nothing can beat the passion, love and craze for cricket, which the people of Kolkata have! And now with IPL just started, you can hear the sounds of Karbo Ladbo Jeeto Re almost from every corner of the city. It’s like an annual festival which is celebrated with all fervor and vigour. We know Kolkata, you love your cricket, but an overdose of something can often lessen the charm of it. So here we are, to give a dossier of other interesting events happening near you , which add up to the Cricket fervor the city is engulfed in.

1. Comedy At its Best
April has some amazing comedy events lined up for you. Comedians like Vipul Goyal, with his popular show, Humorously Yours, and Zakir Khan with his hilarious show, Haq Se Single, are making their way to the city of joy this month. Get ready to laugh out loud Kolkata!

2. Conferences/Workshops
For those who want to invest their time in learning something, there are few workshops and conferences happening in the city which you might be interested in. From Cookery to Photography and Digital Marketing to E-commerce, there’s a whole lot of topics and genres to select from. Check them out all here.

3. Music
Long time since you have been to a concert? This is the time. Here are two upcoming concerts we recommend for you – Ultimate Elton and the Rocket Band on April 13th and Different Strokes – Pancham on April 28th. Both the events will be happening at the Kala Mandir auditorium.

4. Food Events
Understanding your love and passion for food, sumptuous meals by the city’s best restaurants like Saffron, Bridge, Rosewood and Blu, Auris await you this Poila Baisakh. Celebrate this New Year indulging in some of the finest Bengali dishes.

5. Travel Events
For all those travel enthusiasts who do not want to miss even a single weekend to embark on a new journey, April is the month you will love the most. There are so many guided tours, photo walks, Night treks and adventure activities scheduled for this month. Check all the upcoming events and tours here!

With so many events happening in Kolkata this weekend and all through the month, April is going to be a fun month for the people of the City of Joy. And of course, adding more action and fun to this month is the IPL.

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