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Kolkata – Catch The Best Of Theatre This Week!

Kolkata Theatre Play Events
Written by Archit Chawla

The theatre scene in Kolkata – the city of joy – is thriving. Week after week, we get to see some amazingly beautiful Bengali plays. This week also we have three classic Bengali plays lined up which a theatre enthusiast would never want to miss out on. Exploring varied emotions of humans, these three plays staging in the city this week will give you some thought to ponder over.

Kolkata Theatre

1. Bohipeer
This Bengali play by Sukumar Chakraborty is based on a classic tale told by the renowned novelist and playwright from Bangladesh, Syed Waliullah. It’s a tale of young girl, Tahera, and how her life undergoes changes when her father and step-mother forced her to marry an older peer. It’s the story of her courage and determination to not succumb to these adverse situations. It’s the story of this 17-year old girl’s struggle with her anger, frustration, sorrows and conflicts. Things keep unfolding in her life, and twists keep you engaged. This upcoming play in Kolkata, featuring Biyas Saha, Sukumar Chakraborty, Niharendu Banerjee and Krishna Sanyal is scheduled to be staged at Girish Mancha this Wednesday on May 24th . Book your tickets here!

2. Mainak 2 Monica
Written and directed by Suman Adhkary, Mainak 2 Monica is a Bengali play and is the story of Mainak, a boy who grows up shy and inclined towards doing traditionally feminine activities. Growing up in a household where every flaw is punished by physical violence, it becomes difficult for Mainak to sustain in that house and one day he runs away from home. He meets some like- minded people outside who encourage him to visit hijras. Mainak now know his purpose in life and he moves to Delhi to meet his chosen guru. The play traces his journey from Mainak to Monica. Scheduled to be staged at Madhusudan Macha on Friday, June 2nd , you can book your tickets here!

3. Abayab
Abayab is a thought-provoking Bengali play about a novelist, his dreams, aspirations, and confusion. The play features some well-known names of Bengali theatre like Saheb Bhattacharya, Sohini Sarkar, Srideep Chatterjee, Naba Kumar Banerjee, Avijit Lahiri, Priyanka Monda. Presented by Behala Batayan Theatre Production, Abayab is scheduled to be staged at Tapan Theatre on Sunday, June 17th . Book your tickets right here, before they are gone.

Take you pick and book a theater experience like never before!

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