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Presenting Ladakh Motorcycle Expedition 2017 For All Motorbike Enthusiasts

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Written by Archit Chawla

So what if you don’t get to go for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 starting from the next month to lift your adrenaline? Well if not there, you can definitely go on a Road trip to Ladakh or Srinagar if you want to up your adrenaline pumping and excitement running all over! You think you know how to ride bikes and want to go on a vacation and stay aloof, then we are sure this is your thing folks! Bullets have been chased all around the world for their killer looks, thumping sound and the style statement it adds up to the personality of the person riding it. Say ‘Bullet’ and people go nuts over the very mentions of the iconic thumping bike.

Royal Enfield worshippers will be seen gathered at multiple venues this summer and monsoon season in this Ladakh Motorcycle expedition 2017. This rider mania will be the center of attraction for all the bikers and bullet riders as it offers everyone with a purpose, coming together for entertainment beyond imagination. ‘Enfield Riders,’ A Motorcycle Touring Company based out of Mumbai is bringing to us, the father of all bike events in India this time. Since years they have been providing motorcycle expedition solutions to Corporates and individuals and are the market leaders when it comes to Leh-Ladakh Motorcycle Expeditions with 6 successful seasons under their belt.

Every day, more and more motorcycle enthusiasts are taking up to active riding, as a part of their lifestyle. It is a widespread and spoken thing that says car moves the body whereas motorcycles move your souls. Taking this philosophy they have conducted many corporate and individual Motorcycle Expedition which help employees break free and find an anomaly. This also promotes Team Bonding and helps de-stress which is very important for the creative minds and the hard workers alike.

So if you’re thinking to go on an introspective trip to Ladakh and Srinagar all by yourself, be in the lap of nature and enjoy some me time, just check this one of the best adventure events in India. Ladakh Motorcycle expedition is something you won’t forget for a long long time and it’s just around the corner. So what are you waiting for? Leave the work and other events around you and travel to these places on your bullets for some amazing times.

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