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HERO.. ka Dost

Hero Ka Dost-A Trial Show by Sumit Sourav

The world is full of underdogs aspiring to become fat cats driving their luxury sedans or being driven around in their SUVs. Well, it may not be true of all strugglers out there, but they do aspire to make a statement of their arrival one day in the sun from the shadows of survival. But the odds are stacked against that transition Sumit Sourav’s HERO.. ka Dost explores. But then, who says failure stories cannot be turned into success. So make time for Saurav’s stand-up comedy show for on 16 August, Friday at 8:45 PM at The Cuckoo Club, Bandra and give him a hand and your best wishes. 

Thirty Somethings

Thirty Something

30 Somethings are comics who have been through good times, bad times and the –ugh times. Tushar Abhichandani, Bhavish Ailani, Jeeya Sethi, Abira Nath, Anand Reghu and Angad Singh Ranyal, all naturally in their 30s with varied accomplishments but a common passion for humour will try to tickle the funny bone in you and that of just about anyone you bring along with you – significant others, friends, neighbours, cousins, uncles and aunts. If you are into some serious fun and laughs stuff, you just cannot afford to pass up the fare that the six some have lined up for you on 17 August, Saturday at 10 PM, The Cuckoo Club, Bandra.

The Short Screenings

The Short Screenings

If you are a serious movie buff and indie films are your thing, then this is for you. An evening of Indie Short Film Screenings which showcase some great films and offers an opportunity to meet up with kindred souls and engage with them as they discuss their art and craft. There is also an interactive session with interesting people, both cast and crew. An opportunity to quiz and listen to the best creative minds is a rare treat, indeed. So make the most of it at The Cuckoo Club, Bandra on Saturday, 17th August, 4:00 PM, to gain some revealing insights into the finer, lesser-known aspects of film making.

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