Upcoming Events at Clap: Malad

Need a break from the daily mundane? Searching the right destination to hang out with friends or family?

Then, the Upcoming Clap Events at Malad are just your perfect amusement corner. 

From theatre to comedy shows, from live singing performances to music concerts, Clap Events have everything to uplift your mood and tickle your funny bone.

Check out these Upcoming Clap Events at Malad :

Papa Humare

What’s more? A comical murder mystery solved by three people, one of them is deaf, one blind, and the other dumb; and a light comic drama about the father and son relationship, Papa Humare.

Comi CLAP 4 Stand-up Comedy Open Mic

Seasoned and new Stand-up comedians join hands in comic events to give you a solid chuckle this weekend with shows like ComiClap and Dodh Dahyo.

Little Red Riding Hood

Love stories? Then, you’ll love these stories-based dramas, Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja, Snow White and Naughty Elves, and Little Red Riding Hood. Amuse your toddlers with these comical theatres.

Want to know the best part?

All the shows fit your entertainment budget well. Tickets range from Rs. 100 – 300 per person and you can book them online. 

However, you must reach the venue 20 minutes prior to the show’s start time and collect your physical tickets. The physical tickets carry the CLAP stamp and are mandatory to receive an entry to all the shows.

So, shatter your daily woes and get ready to submerge in the pool of entertainment at Malad.

What are you waiting for? Book the tickets now before you miss the train!

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