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Bhed Aur Bhediye and Out at Sea (20th July) 

Here’s a chance for you to enjoy an evening which will be packed with a story reading session and a play. While the story reading event directed by Naseeruddin Shah is bound to keep you hooked, the play which discusses the question of freedom of choice will not disappoint you either. 

Sole requirement: If you aren’t six years, better luck next time. 

Motley`s Kambakhat Bilkul Aurat (20th July)

Are you 12 years or above, and a fan of Ismat Chugtai and her stories? This must be a delight to you if that’s the case. Her stories on the marginalisation of various societal sections hold importance even today and do not waste the opportunity to watch the three stories unfold on stage.

Three Indian Writers: reading and enactment (21st July)

If you are interested in societal norms and how society functions in general, which may include the ugly and positive version of the same; this is the event for you. Four stories in one go- An Astrologer’s day, Prayaschit, Chhoti Se Cheez and, Khilavan Ka Narak

[email protected]: Purbayan Chatterjee – Sitar (21st July)

It is a musical event based on the periods of the day. The artist, Purbayan Chatterjee, is widely known in this field and will be performing for the day. If you are a music enthusiast, do not miss this evening. Book your tickets in advance, so that you don’t miss out on the experience. 

Age limit- 8+

Motley`s Ismat Apa Ke Naam (22nd July)

Can’t seem to get enough of Chugtai? Go along and watch another performance by Naseeruddin Shah. It is the time to get that unique experience of listening to, witnessing and reading a story simultaneously. 

Age limit- 12+

Motley`s Aurat! Aurat! Aurat! (23rd July)

Enjoy this performance based on Ismat Chugtai’s autobiography. Like the title of the play indicates, this is a women-centric performance which focuses more on her essays than stories. Witness the magic of Chugtai yet again, and catch up for chai with your friends later on.

Age limit- 12+

The way I see it and Assembly Line (24th July)

Divya Jagdale has come up with a solo enactment this time. This one is going to be all about a middle-aged woman’s questions on matters of marriage, motherhood, self, money, and so on. Go to Prithvi on the day of the event to get hiccups from laughing.

There will be a story reading by Vivaan Shah on the same day on the clashes between market forces and artists of our times. All you need is 100 bucks in your wallet.

HINDUSTAN CHHOD DO – Story Reading (25th July)

Rathna Pathak Shah will be seen performing Ismat Chugtai’s story. You get to know more about independence and what India meant to many people living here at that point in history. 

Age limit- 12+


Have you ever wondered about the possible outcomes of Christ and Pilate’s last conversation had that ever happened? Then, On the Rocks is a must-watch for you. The fantastic cast will perform shortly.

Along with this, attend the short story reading to enjoy Urdu and Hindustani (Ishq- e- Khansama) and have some extra fun.

ART KA PUL & SAHAY – Story Reading (27th July)

Do you wish to know more about the impact of partition on the lives of commoners? If you do, attend the events, and enlighten yourself. They explore the significant impact partition has left on the public in detail both allegorically and in a personal account.

Motley`s Dear Liar (27th July)

Your kids are surely going to enjoy this event. This drama which showcases the relationship between George Bernard Shaw and Mrs Patrick Campbell will keep you engrossed until it is over.

Age limit- 12+

Bichchu Phupi, Geeli Mehndi & Toba Tek Singh (28th July)

Ismat Chugtai, Mayank Pahwa, and Manto’s stories get yet another platform. You can never really get tired of Urdu literature, and this evening will prove the same. Get ready to know more about Bichchu Phupi, the woman who decided to wear white her whole life, Pahwa’s story on the generational gap, and Manto’s tale on partition and its aftermath.

Age limit- 16+

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