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Written by Prajakta Nagore

India’s largest gaming festival IGX 2019 is going to be held in Mumbai. The gaming exhibition is creating a platform for games of various genres to showcase their brand. IGX brings in the most prominent gaming brands and games from around the world. It is going to showcase from hands-on gaming experience to panels, workshops, cosplay shows and multi-platform e-sports. There will also be cutting edge technology, thrilling tournaments and blockbuster games.

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Various Events

  • IGX Battles: Esports competition with fan favourite games from different platforms.
  • Cosplay: IGX has India’s largest gaming cosplay competition. 
  • Performances: It has different music, live gaming, stand-up comedy and unboxing.
  • Workshops: The industry’s experts will give their unique insights. 
  • Panels: Special guests will discuss the gaming industry. 
  • Unboxing: Various games will be unboxed at IGX and has various first looks and try-ins available. 
  • Experience: IGX will create a unique experience with intense VR multiplayer, immersive racing, stimulation and various strategy games.
  • Exclusives: The latest hardware and blockbuster games will be available in an exclusive corner.

The gaming event’s nightlife is unmatched. The line up of various artists will deliver one of the best music. 


The India Gaming Exhibition or IGX has a free play zone where you can play various arcade games like MineCraft. It also has gaming for families and newcomers. 

For those who want to enjoy the VR gaming experience, there is a free play area with virtual reality gaming. VR gaming is the most amazing technology in the gaming world.

The unique characters with awesome outfits will present to you a unique world of cosplays. Local and guest cosplayers will do it.

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Various tournaments have cash prizes to be won, so check out the different gaming areas. The most unique game artists will also be given prize money.


IGX will be held in Mumbai in December 2019. So make sure to join this exciting event with family & friends. You can book tickets at

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