What to expect from the India Kids Fashion Week

india kids fashion week
Written by Prajakta Nagore

Fashion is a trait everyone wants. The India Kids Fashion Week throws open the chance for kids to participate and unleash trendsetting confidence on the runway! An event that aims at making kids confident enough to face large audiences and also learn how to be well turned out on a given occasion. It is an opportunity for kids to make a mark in the international fashion scene and showcase their unique talents. Fashion is a huge industry and since there is market for such a project, it has the potential to reach great heights.

India Kids Fashion Week

Sushmita Sen, an actress feels that IKFW is not necessarily a platform for children to hone their modeling skills. It is in fact, a platform where kids can learn to be confident, and ready to face the world. The fashion fraternity for kids is an up and coming industry and kids are incredibly enthusiastic about walking the runway in designer wear. Its a chance at making their own fairytale for kids! Designers like Nishka Lulla, Rocky S and others support the idea and have had their collections displayed at the event. Actors like Vivek Oberoi and Diya Mirza have also participated and led the kids on the runway!

Some of the most fascinating aspects of the India Kids Fashion Week is the fact that it makes audiences feel that kids at the fashion week look like they have a better fashion sense that all of us adults. It is a treat to watch little children trickle down the ramp, dressed in the finest designer clothes and accessories. They are the representation of a generation that is not afraid of huge audiences or crowds. The fact that these impressionable untamed minds get to taste a slice of glamor so early on their life so they aren’t star struck, or caught up in wrong ideals later on. The stress is not only on the importance of fashion, but also on the fact that children need to be exposed into new venues so they can explore the different cultures each industry has on offer.

The India Kids Fashion Week is a step into a world of fashion exclusively for kids. A certain section of society do think that children don’t need such kind of pressures, but the fashion fraternity is all up for making this event a global storm!

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