The Youngest Comic in Town Is Here to Make You ROFL

The Youngest Comic in Town Is Here to Make You ROFL
Written by Varsha Pillai

The end of any month leaves one often craving for some way to recharge from the draining 9-to-5 work routine. This month is all about good news as the month of September ends with a weekend. Recharge your cerebral batteries by laughing your hearts out at Atul Khatri’s stand-up special. Atul Khatri is performing live in Thane on 30th September. Don’t miss the ace comedian in action as he comes to town with new jokes to tell!

Atul Khatri turned to stand-up comedy back in 2011 to break the monotony of his CEO life. Well, indeed we are extremely grateful to him for doing so as his comedy can keep anyone laughing. Atul Khatri could easily give kids half his age a run for their money owing to his cool quotient. A former CEO, a proud dad and a stand-up comic, he’s been making people laugh hysterically. Formerly associated with the comedy group East India Comedy, he can be spotted on their YouTube series like EIC Outrage and specials like EIC vs Bollywood.

Atul Khatri’s

Atul Khatri’s latest event is brought to the audiences of Thane by Chalta Hai Comedy. His show of 90 minutes will leave you squealing, giggling, guffawing and laughing non-stop at all his witty observations. While you attend, note that valet parking is limited, so arrive early to find a spot for parking your vehicles.

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