If you were to ask someone what city one should head to if experiencing the best possible plays was on the top of the manifesto, then the answer would be Delhi. And yes, the city is the cultural epicenter of all things that we have come to expect from the word culture, but if you could pinpoint one exact thing then it would be plays. The plays in the city are many and they are of astoundingly good quality.

NCR has top notch plays playing and in this article let us take you through some of them that you can experience if you happen to be in NCR.

The Spartan Conspiracy
Now everyone is more or less aware about the Spartans and their ways, but this play has a different spin on the whole thing. The Spartan Conspiracy is a humorous telling of the alliances the kingdoms of Sparta, Mycenae and Ithaca. And while they prepare for the conquest of the city of Troy. The play will have mythological Greek heroes alongside heroines. From Achilles, Helen, Clytemnestra, Agamemnon, Menelaus, Odysseus and the rest. To put it simply, it is a spoof on the movie Troy. So be prepared to be overjoyed with laughter as you witness the Spartans inadvertently evoking laughter!

Man Disposes, God Proposes
The play, ‘Man Disposes, God Proposes' is an adaptation of the very famous comic drama by John Mortimer, The Dock Brief.
The tale of the play revolves around Himaqat Qureshi and he is being charged for the murder of his fun loving wife. And as fate would have it, the evidence implicates him in the crime and his conviction is a surety.
Enter Kamal Kant Tripathi, an advocate who happens to be an old hand at law. This advocate had been waiting for this one case that would finally propel him into the limelight and make him famous.
And as fate would have it, the two meet! What happens next is hilarious and you should get your tickets booked for this one!

Atul Satya Koushik's Raavan Ki Ramayan Featuring Puneet Issar as Raavan
‘Raavan Ki Ramayan' is a play featuring the legendary actor Puneet Issar and he is in the role of Raavan. This play is a re-look at history, and that too from the point of view of those who were not the victors. Raavan ki Ramayan tells you about a virtuous king who rules over a of a prosperous kingdom is outraged after the modesty of his sister is outraged. The play will lend you perspective unlike any other.

If the above plays are anything to go by, then you very well know that great plays are waiting to be seen by you in the NCR region. And these are just few of the many that are happening in the region. So head to our website and get booking!

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 12 May 2017



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