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Panga is a must watch: Movie Review

Written by Prajakta Nagore

Kangana Ranaut’s Panga has hit the big screen and the queen of bollywood is back with another master class performance. In the thronge of high budget Hindi movies full of glamour quotients, this simple but significant film of Ashwini Iyer Tiwari will definitely give you a touch of comfort.

In the film Kangana plays the role of Jaya Nigam, an ex kabaddi world champion who left her dream and embraced motherhood and after seven years she makes her mind to make a comeback. 

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The film is not only about the panga that Jaya will take in the kabaddi match; it is about the panga that a mother daily takes in life. 

Through the story of Jaya, this film honours the journey of all those mothers who happily give up their career, their dreams without giving a second thought, for their child. This is a film about the mothers who daily fight with their emotion and choose their child and family over their career.

In the film Ashiwini has limned the middle class world very beautifully and positively. Family scooter ride, weekend treat at chat stall, school parents whatsapp group- she has shown every bit of a middle class life. 

Most importantly the film has exhibited a society beyond jealousy and conservatism; a society where the neighbor willingly share her responsibilities, where her colleagues cheer for her and where her family and her friends encourage her to once again fight for her dream. 

The film maintains the plainness of the middle class world. Ashwini has not painted her characters in an over heroic manner who will turn their world upside down to support Jaya. Instead she has portrayed them as simple people trying their best to support Jaya staying within their limits. The characters are chaste but strong. 

The Hindi movie does not show that the husband leaves behind everything and goes with his wife to make her dream fulfill, instead he stays behind to do his job and to take care of her son in her absence. In all Panga will give you a perfect glimpse of a middle class family.

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In the film the director has delivered a very strong massage but in her own silent way. Though the climax is quite predictable and fails to hold the suspense, but the emotion of the scene will definitely make a mark in your heart. Visit bookmyshow for tickets and enjoy the film.

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