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Baadshaho Review: A Glitzy Plot but Lacking in Substance

Baadshaho - Movie Review
Written by Poorva Tamhane

Baadshaho, a period heist movie, is set in the early 1970’s when Emergency was declared in India. The teaser trailers and songs had us believe that the director and co-producer Milan Luthria had assembled together the cast of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, namely Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi to recreate the chemistry they shared. Also it had the promise of being something thrilling along the lines of a Hollywood blockbuster heist movie. All those assumptions were shot down to an extent as the movie is a glitzy entertaining affair, but is lacking in its plotline.

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Baadshaho begins in the early 1970’s in the princely state of Rajasthan. We see a princess by the name of Gitanjali (played by Ileana D’cruz) who has already lost her privy purse and is now on the verge of losing her family’s personal wealth too. To make matters worse, the Princess is being pursued by a villainous politician Sanjeev (played by Priyanshu Chatterjee), who bears an uncanny resemblance to Sanjay Gandhi. When emergency is issued throughout the country, Sanjeev who’s a powerful politician uses his muscle to raid Princess Gitanjali’s palace and gets the army to take possession of her royal treasure. The movie then focuses on the Princesses efforts to get her precious cargo back.

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In the pursuit of her precious cargo, she employs a bodyguard Bhavani Singh (played by Ajay Devgn) who later on, in a predictable twist, turns into her lover and swears to bring her gold back. The indestructible Bhavani is simply a muscle-man with clever one-liners and intense looks and falls short when it comes to much substance. There is also an officer in charge of Sanjeev’s operation called Seher Singh (played by Vidyut Jamwal), who causes much obstruction and pulls some acrobatic stunts.

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The truck of gold, (the Princess’ precious cargo) is on its way to Delhi but Bhavani assembles a team of allies, namely, Dalia (Emraan Hashmi), Guruji (Sanjai Mishra) and Sanjana (Esha Gupta). Even they however aren’t perfect as there is a mole among them.

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