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Bucket List: Film Review – Madhuri Dixit Teaches You How to Live Life Queen-size!

Bucket List
Written by Heenal Shah

Bollywood’s Dhak Dhak girl, Madhuri Dixit makes her much-anticipated Marathi debut with Bucket The family drama is both directed and written by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar. “Don’t add years to life. But add life to your years.” This is what the team tries to tell us through Bucket List; a movie that is winning hearts everywhere!

Bucket List traces the story of Madhura Sane (Madhuri Dixit) and her journey to self-realization. The story begins with Madhura undergoing a heart transplant. Soon she finds out that her heart donor was a 20-year-old teenager named Sai who had a list of things she wanted to do before she turned 21. Madhura makes it her personal aim to fulfil ‘Sai’s Bucket List’. From learning how to ride a bike to clicking a selfie with Ranbir Kapoor, Sai’s Bucket List is all sorts of crazy. Madhura makes it her personal aim to check off everything Sai wanted to do, thus setting out on a journey of various adventures-turned-misadventures. Will Madhura check every wish off from Sai’s Bucket List? Find out at your nearest cinemas.

Madhuri Dixit as Madhura Sane is emotional, vulnerable but mighty strong. She is the star that shines brightest in Bucket List. The movie makes you laugh your hearts out at all the right places. However, keep that tissue box ready because it gets extremely emotional as well. Bucket List is a joy ride that runs sky high on emotions.

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