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Chef: The Story Resonates With Most Indian Families!

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Written by Archit Chawla

Saif Ali khan has stayed away from the big screen for quite some time now. But this year he came up with Rangoon and it wasn’t a big hit for the audiences or for the makers. On the contrary Kaalakandi is also slated to release this year and promises lot more than  Rangoon. Chef which released last week is a movie based on Jon Favreau’s 2014 hollywood movie of the same name. Even though the makers stuck to the original and experimented very little

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Chef’ is a good-looking film, with good-looking cast and fresh music. The ingredients have been carefully assembled and put together by the Airlift director Raja Krishna Menon. Saif is just fitting perfectly for this role of Roshan Kalra, playing a divorced, middle-aged man and a father to a young boy played by Svar Kamble. The leading lady, his wife is played by newcomer Janakiraman where she feels organic in a way no one else does. And the solid supporting cast is a strong point to neglect. We see Chandan Roy Sanyal having fun, and an all-too brief turn by the Iron man of India Milind Soman.

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The story is about his attempt to reconnect with his family in spite of being indulged in so much work. He assaults one of his customer and is subsequently thrown out of his top notch job. When he comes back to his son, Roshan tours the city and makes him taste different varieties of food. Later, Roshan quits his job in order to spend more time with his son Hari and  purchases a truck and drives across various cities with him in his restaurant on wheels.

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The pleasant locales and catchy background score mixed with some fantastic dialogues and mouth watering food, makes Chef a film to watch out for. From the director of Airlift, Raja Krishna Menon, comes a film which has a completely different mood and setting. If you want to enjoy some quality family time or want to go for a lighthearted movie, this one has to be your pick.

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