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Coco Movie Review: A Cheerful Musical Fantasy Film High On Spirits

Coco movie- Bookmyshow News
Written by Archit Chawla

Very few films out of the hundreds we hear about, give us real chills! Amidst all the superhero movies and rom-coms releasing this month, one movie stands apart from the list, and is the one we are talking about right now. Coco, a movie by Pixar and Disney which released today is a piece of satisfyingly good CGI, storytelling and music. This animated movie Coco is directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina and has been seeing some really positive reviews on the Internet. In a short period of 1 hr 49 mins, Coco manages to tell a family-friendly story centred entirely around death, one that reflects on the legacy we leave behind and the musical journey of a child.

Coco movie- Bookmyshow News

Coco is based on the young protagonist Miguel whose artistic urges are severely repressed by his family who hold a bitter grudge against all musicians passed down through the generations. He yearns to play a guitar and manages to steal one on the day of the dead which instantly plunges him into the afterlife where he must receive a blessing from said ancestor to return home and follow his musical passion. The title character Coco is Miguel’s great-grandmother, who is clinging on to her last days of life, and her remaining memories, waiting for her death to come. Her father abandoned her to pursue a musical career and thus the family has not forgotten the betrayal and is pushing against the same.

Visually though, the movie is a definite treat and the world of Coco is beautifully conceptualised and brought to life. It is gorgeous, eye-popping fashion and the portrayal of the Mexican folk art is just stunning. Most importantly, the music of the this English animated movie contributes heavily to Coco’s Mexican feel. Most of the songs are sung in English, with only a bare minimum sprinkling of phrases in Spanish that everyone already knows. Nevertheless, it’s a win-win situation in all aspects. The child in you will love it and so will the real children. If you want to spend some light-hearted time today, go for it without a single ounce of doubt.


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