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Firangi Movie Review: Uncanny Attempt At Period Comedy Makes It Hard To Bear

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Written by Archit Chawla

It is truly said that if someone is Jack of all trades, he eventually ends up being Master of None. That’s what apparently happened with Kapil Sharma in his latest Hindi movie Firangi. A good comedian, right from the TV screen goes to try his hands at the movies and it looks like he has failed in his yet another attempt. It isn’t all that different for the other characters, including the hero, who plays a man who can cure a backache by kicking the patient on the bum.

Firangi is a love story of Mangatram (played by Kapil Sharma) who is an innocent man and just wants to lead a normal life. He takes up a job, earns money, commits a few mistakes and tries to rectify them just like any one of us. But he goofs up in the effort and then puts his life at risk to undo those errors. All these for the sake of marrying the woman of his choice, Sargi played by Ishita Dutta. The lead actor frequently hits the right notes as a comedian – he is undeniably good at his core job, which is to make people laugh; but as a lover boy seeking to charm us into submission, he does not woo the audiences much.

Directed and written by Rajiv Dhingra, the story may not sound out-of-the-box, but it had the potential of a sweet, fun-filled and warm film just enough to release on the former release date of Padmavati. This man, who has a couple of Punjabi films behind him, is his first step into the Hindi speaking cinema. Of course, language is no barrier for anyone of us in today’s time, but the plot and the treatment is definitely.

It is just hard to able to decide if the film is an fulltoo comedy, a satirical take on the impact of the British rule on Indians, or a romance that blooms across an unaddressed boundaries between the then Indians. Well nevertheless, if you like Kapil on the small screen, you might want to go for the movie with your family or friends and have a good laughter on a Saturday afternoon.

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