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Halle Berry saves the day in action-thriller Kidnap!

Kidnap Movie Halle Berry
Written by Poorva Tamhane

The abduction thriller, Kidnap, starring sultry and chic actress Halle Berry, promises to be engaging by the looks of its trailer. Berry plays Karla Dyson, a diner waitress and a single mom. The movie has been directed by filmmaker Luis Prieto and tells the story of a kidnapping while attempting to focus on spur-of-the-moment decisions, in a stressful looking real life setting.

From the looks of the short trailer,the premise of the movie revolves around Karla’s (Berry) 6-year-old son,Frankie (Sage Correa), being kidnapped by a bunch of creeps and her not taking it lying down. She is seen trying to do the right thing by informing the authorities and letting them work on it. But on seeing posters of missing children at the police station, she’s overcome with fear and makes a dash to look out for the kidnappers herself. Karla doesn’t seem to have a plan of action but makes one along the way and gives us a sense of being a real life wonder woman.

Halle Berry Kidnap

We then see Karla,in hot pursuit of her kid with some hyper single-minded determination. She jumps behind the wheel of her red minivan and speeds after the creepy goons who’ve abducted her son. The haste of it all,makes us question the lengths we’d go to if we were put in such a precarious situation ourselves. Actors Chris McGinn and Lew Temple play the kidnappers.

Throughout the trailer we see Halle Berry’s star persona filling up the screen as she performs riveting car-chase sequences that leaves a lot of collateral damage in her wake. Kidnap, also shows us that what lies between all this adrenaline inducing drama is a vulnerable and human response to a highly alarming situation.It also shows us that sometimes, intensions are much murkier than we think as the kidnappers in the movie don’t appear to be interested in ransom but in something more sinister.

Kidnap was shot in the southern U.S.state of Louisiana in 2014.The supporting cast of the movie also includes actors Dana Gourrier as the Deputy Sheriff and Jason Winston George as David.

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