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Joker is winning hearts – Movie Review

Directed by: Todd Phillips

Written by: Scott Silver and Todd Phillips

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy

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Get ready to have your mind-blown and heart-wrenched; not due to the blood-spewing violence and madness, but due to the fantastic performance by the actor Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker as well as the artistic brilliance of the film. Even if the violence makes you uncomfortable, you will surely agree that this is a Hollywood movie, unlike anything you have ever seen, depicting the negative effect of violence on a person’s psyche perfectly.

Directed and co-written by Todd Phillips, the movie outlines the history of this well known DC Comic villain and depicts his roots and where he came from. Born as Arthur Fleck, the Joker is a mentally deranged person who is rejected socially, has a long history of insanity and has spent a long time in a mental asylum. His mother tried to burn him alive during his childhood, causing a brain injury and leaving him with the condition that leads to uncontrollable laughter in incredibly tragic moments. 

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When he is unable to hold down a job, he makes a living by working as a grotesque clown to entertain kids and tourists. However, he gets fired for carrying a loaded gun in a hospital, and that is when things go entirely downhill. After this, he undertakes numerous acts of revenge by killing businessmen, politicians and many others. To avoid spoiling the movie anymore, I will not tell you how the story ends, but the outstanding cinematography is the primary reason that you must experience this piece of work for yourself. The beauty of the story lies in the fact that you end up empathizing with the never-ending tragedies of the joker, but still, do not forgive his crimes.

Though it may not be for everyone, Joker movie is a social commentary on how we give too much importance to outward appearance in our society and how people are shunned for being different or having a condition that doesn’t let them be ‘normal’. This Hollywood movie is a cautionary tale of how dangerous it can be for society to shun people just because they are ‘different’, and Phoenix faultlessly exhibits this. 

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