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Julie 2 Movie Review: Revealing The Dark Side Of Acting Industry

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Written by Archit Chawla

Julie 2, one of the most anticipated Hindi erotic thrillers of the year finally released today and is witnessing the rage of Bollywood critics from all over. Loosely based on the story of yesteryear actress Nagma, the movie has Raai Laxmi in the lead role and she is failing to impress and attract audiences and critics at all. This movie is astonishing to see coming from the former chief of CBFC board Pahalaj Nihalani, who is the distributor and one of the producers of the film and it falling flat on the ground. It is hard to say if the film has even got any plot or story but it still got so much of hype while releasing.

It has some good actors showing up to collect pay cheques like Aditya Srivastava and Pankaj Tripathi, not forgetting Rati Agnihotri, which we hope they were hefty. Even though the presence of  Ravi Kishan has definitely helped the movie and their characters, in spite of being supporting, he comes out as strong and funny undoubtedly. Raai Laxmi as Julie has played her part effortlessly and looks beautiful carrying the role of a struggling actor who later becomes a star with much ease.

In one dialogue she says, “All Julie wants is love. And all she gets is betrayal”, which reminds us of Silk Smita from The Dirty Picture. In spite of so many controversies, it’s definitely a one time watch. If you like movies about the film industry, then you can and should surely go for this one. Generally, the movies based on the hidden and unexposed side of the industry are softer, but this one doesn’t hold back at all.

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