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Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Movie Review – A Revamped Version Done Better

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Written by Archit Chawla

When the first Jumanji movie came out in 1995, it was too young for the digital graphics as well as for us all, but it’s surprise elements, imagery and characters still linger in our minds after 2 decades. The lions and monkeys and elephants and rhinos and zebras, roaming around in the kitchen, were brought to life through the then visual imagery.  The movie then was released two years after Jurassic Park, but the technology still felt bold. As an adventure film, Jumanji was high-class magical trash, but its creatures being fearsomely alive were new to people around the world.

This new edition in the franchise, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, is somehow same but somewhat different from the previous one and made better. Instead of a board game, we have a video game being the root of this mystical journey and while playing it, four teenagers get sucked into the magical world and become a part of the Jumanji world. Spenser, who’s a nerd turns into a hulking Dr. Smolder Bravestone played by Dwayne Johnson. Fridge, a football player, gets turnerd into a mousey Moose Finbar who is played by Kevin Hart. Martha, a studious girl turns into Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan) and Bethany, the most popular girl in the school becomes Dr. Shelly Oberon played by Jack Black.

While this movie is a total entertainer with the super cast, the movie seems to be lacking in so many areas. Excitement, Suspense and the Childlike innocence. These are a few of the things you will not find in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Though apart from the main cast, pop singer Nick Jonas proves again, that he is worthy of main roles in top notch movies. If you want to go on a family day, or with friends and have a entertaining time, go for it. Don’t think twice.

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