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Be Mesmerized By This Broadway Style Musical Dedicated To Mahatma Gandhi

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Written by Mansi Gupta

Musical Plays are a big hit in the West. And now, this style is gaining popularity in India too. Disney’s Beauty & the Beast and Mughal-e-Azam are perfect examples of the Broadway-style making its presence felt amongst the theatre audiences all over the country. The latest to join is the NCPA production, Gandhi – The Musical. Written and directed by Danesh Khambata, Gandhi – the Musical recaps the life of the Father of our Nation – right from his days as a lawyer in South Africa to his fight for independence. Unique in concept and presentation, this NCPA event will feature 16 original songs, 2 adaptations and 12 choreographed dances in the lavish sets that’ll take you straight to the days of our independence struggle.

Musical plays still mostly stick to fantasies and love stories. To make a musical on Mahatma seems like an unimaginable idea. But Danesh Khambata took this challenge and brings the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi alive on stage like a never before. Using the power of Music and dance, this musical event in Mumbai throws light upon the making of the Mahatma, his days in South Africa as as a barrister and his journey to imbibe the concept of Non-Violence in both South Africa and India’s Independence struggle, which finally culminates into the movement called “Satyagraha”.

While Chirag Vohra plays the matured Gandhi, Abhishek Krishnan portrays him in his younger days. The play also features Boman Irani as “The Raj”, a voice of the system Gandhi is battling against. The technical crew of the play shines in all departments, be it music, costumes, lights or set. The show is choreographed by Bertwin Ravi D’Souza, music by Nariman Khambata and Rahul Pais, vocal arrangement by Dawn Cordo, and 3D mapping by Jash Reen and Joshua D’mello. It’s an experience that a theatre lover should not miss. Re-live the journey of Bapu like never before.

The play made it’s debut on Independence Day last year and got an overwhelming response from the audiences from all over the country. The musical is back in the city again and is considered as one of the most awaited upcoming events of NCPA. The show will be played at the stage of Jamshed Bhabha Theatre over this weekend. Book now for this amazing Broadway-style play dedicated to the Father of Our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

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