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Ribbon Review: A Refreshing Peeping Hole View into The Life of a Young Married Couple

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Written by Poorva Tamhane
Ribbon, with its unique fly-on-the-wall perspective is a light hearted tale of a young couple in modern times, which makes us believe that even our ordinary insipid lives could well be an inspiration for a movie’s plotline. Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas’s presence on screen is engaging and director Rakhee Sandilya’s tells their story with great empathy.

Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas
Source – Indian Express

The young urban couple in the movie, Sahana (Kalki Koechlin) and Karan (Sumeet Vyas of Permanent Roommates fame) are quite like any other ambition seeking couple of today. We are shown their trials and tribulations that range from their professional endeavours including facing gender biases at the work place, familial concerns, unplanned pregnancy, making space for a child in the family and their struggle to secure financial security. There are some everyday characters in the mix as well, an eccentric Delhi-loving father, a reckless maid and even a gentle paediatrician that are fun to watch.

Sahana is a corporate strategist that’s also a muddled soon-to-be mother, she goes a bit berserk telling her husband Karan that she is not ready to foster a child. After a few fights and misunderstandings, Karan manages to convince her to have the child. The new parents take us through their challenge of making room for a new born child in their lives – from looking for nannies to changing nappies and more. Ribbon offers us a bit of an insider’s role in the matter. It is not surprising to learn that most of the dialogues in the movie were improvised on the sets as the actors’ performances are like a breath of fresh air, unprocessed and exuberant.

The second half of Ribbon feels a bit dragged out and there is also a second sub-plot to the movie which seems quite unnecessary. The filmmakers have left it up to audiences to decide if they want to judge the characters, pick a side or simply absorb the harsh realities of life. Overall, Ribbon is a warts-and-all kind of a relatable account about a couple’s life and the tough choices they are faced with. The movie is currently playing in cinemas.

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