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Savarakathi Movie Review: Ram, Mysskin Starrer Garners Positive Reviews From Critics And Netizens

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Written by Varsha Pillai

Savarakathi means a barber’s knife and the movie is nothing short of a sharp slice-of-life. Written by Mysskin and directed by his brother G R Adithya, the movie is everything one can expect from a Mysskin movie. Metaphorical, realistic yet eccentric, Savarakathi has lived up to its expectations.

The plot of Savarakathi revolves around Pichai (played by Ram), a barber who has a penchant for lying and Manga (played by Mysskin), a dacoit who lives on the thrills of seeking revenge. Pichai and Manga’s vices meet face-to-face and this incident propels the story forwards. The movie chooses the path of dark comedy to unwrap the story which occurs in a time frame of 24 hours.

The stellar performances by Ram, Mysskin and Poorna complements the unusual screenplay and keep the audience glued from the beginning till the very end. The recurring motif of transformation allows the characters to blossom in the movie. The movie doesn’t lose itself in chaos; perhaps it is because it follows the path of Aristotelian unities.

Savarakathi, despite its experimental approach has won the hearts of critics. The real test for Savarakathi is whether it would win the hearts of audiences too.

This week is a big week for Tamil film industry. Apart from Savarakathi, the second part of Kalakalappu also hits the screen on Friday. The first installment of the movie was a huge success and expectations are sky high for this movie. To add to the romantic quotient this Valentine’s week, Sollividava starring Chandan Kumar and Aishwarya Arjun also releases this Friday.

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