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Shab Review: A Perfect Amalgamation Of Different Lives Knitted Together!

Shab 2017 Movie Review- Bookmyshow News
Written by Archit Chawla

If you’re in the mood for some inspiration and have time to relax with a light hearted movie, Shab is one must watch film this week. Directed by Onir who has also directed films like Nikhil, My Brother and I Am, has done full justice to the multiple plots and the characters shown in the story. This latest Hindi film talks about aspirations, heartbreaks and just the need to be loved by someone. The lead guy Ashish Bisht plays the character of Mohan who hails from a small town and comes to Mumbai in order to become a model. His English isn’t up to the mark and his incorrect answers in broken language at a fashion show make him a laughing stock. Raveena Tandon is playing the character of Sonal Modi, who is one of the judges at the event.

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Arpita Chatterjee as Raina on the other hand, earns her daily bread by working hard at her friend Neil’s cafe played by Areesz Ganddi. She falls for her neighbor Benoit portrayed by new actor Areesz Ganddi, but she also encounters Afzar, who is a regular visitor at the eatery. The rest of Shab showcases the ups and downs in the life of these characters. The story of this Hindi release features a three part narrative with the titles Monsoon, Autumn and Winter. The analogy is a bridge between the changes in moods of the characters’ relationships and the fashion seasons.

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With the expertise of the director and these fresh faces, the movie explores themes of homosexuality, bisexuality and the type of life in big cities. Even though you will find the screenplay and editing to be little weak, the subject matter and the dialogues will make you forget all about that. This underlying subject of Shab makes it better than its few shortcomings. The first half of the film struggles a bit with the setting, but once the relationships and their complexities are revealed, the second half picks up pace pretty well. These things portrayed in the movie help rescue the film from its patchy screenplay.

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The actors have done a reasonably good job. And as expected, Mithoon’s music is spreading magic everywhere. Thanks to singers Arijit Singh and K.K., the songs fit in the scenes just perfectly. The cinematography is also of top notch quality. Onir has tackled the themes of Shab with much maturity and subtlety which make it worth a watch. So if you haven’t watched it yet, get your tickets now and go to the nearest theatres with your friends and close ones.

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