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6 Best Bollywood Movies Based In Kashmir

Bollywood movies based in kashmir
Written by Pooja

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in Asia, hands down but it is also troubled. Bollywood’s love affair with Kashmir has been going on since quite some time, especially with movies and songs that were based in Kashmir, like Jab Jab Phool Khile. Here are 6 best Bollywood movies on Kashmir that you must watch .


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A simple Tamilian newly-wed bride Roja tries to find her husband Rishi who has been kidnapped in a secret operation by Kashmiri militants. Apart from the gripping story and melodious songs, the film is breathtakingly beautiful to look at.

Dil Se

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Amar, a journo, falls in love with an enigmatic woman in Kashmir, who he knows nothing about. He spots her in places and the chain of events that ensues later leads to a terrifying reveal.

Mission Kashmir

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Based on the issue of insurgency in Kashmir, this film is about a Kashmiri boy Altaaf who loses his entire family to a police firing. He cannot cope with this and takes some extreme decisions.


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A terrorist who moonlights as a guide in Delhi falls in love with a Kashmiri blind girl, played by Kajol. Years later, after a terror attack, he runs into her in Kashmir and discovers some secrets.


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An adaptation of Hamlet, Haider comes back to Kashmir and is overwhelmed by the issues of insurgency. That coupled with his effort to find out more about his father’s disappearance only to be silenced by the state politics drives him off the edge.


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Noor, a teenaged stable boy, falls in love with the daughter of his employer, a Begum in Kashmir. They’re separated but they meet later in Delhi to rediscover each other.

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