The Best Fantasy Movies of All Time

Fantasy is one genre that gives creators the liberty to run their imagination as wild as they can. Fantasy movies with their extravagant worlds, mythical creatures, and surreal plots offer a splendid cinematic experience. These movies are not meant just for a ‘light-fun watch’; they get critical recognition and are awarded in many categories as well.

Fantasy movies now are prominent movies and have huge a cult following all around the world. They are big-budgeted and gain enormous financial success at the box-office.

Here are five best fantasy movies of all time with the best reviews and critical acclaim: 

The Lord of the Rings TrilogyImage result for The Lord of the RingsThe movies in this trilogy exist unified, and they cannot be nit-picked. This trilogy brought fantasy genre into pop culture and set a benchmark for future films. Fantasy movies were once considered niche and nerdy, but after the release of ‘The Fellowship of the King’, this notion changed for the better. This ideally paced ten hour-long fantasy walk is worth your time. 

Harry Potter seriesImage result for Harry PotterHarry Potter franchise is another franchise that made a mark for itself in fantasy films. This franchise transformed children’s books into a huge fandom across the globe. It is one of the most successful and popular franchises in the world. Harry Potter, with its complex characters portrayed by brilliant actors, fluid storyline, terrific visuals, and magical thrills, is a theatrical treat.

Beauty and the beast (1946)Image result for Beauty and the beastThis film adaptation of the fairy tale by Jean Cocteau is considered the most soulful, and surreal. Cocteau made it like a poem and far different than any of the conventional adaptations. With its captivating performances, tricky shots and remarkable optical effects, the film is a magical experience.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)Image result for Pan’s LabyrinthThis dark, crooked yet beautiful fairy tale is not for kids. This magical story perfectly blends the horrors of both reality and fantasy. It is a drama filled with thriller, war, great cinematography, and effects. The graphic violence in the film makes it a fairy tale for grownups; a fairy tale with complex plot and characters.

Mary Poppins (1964)Image result for Mary PoppinsIt is a magical performance by Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins in a magical fable. This musical is nothing like other fantasy movies mentioned, but it certainly is a classic that defined the fantasy genre in the 60s. Mary Poppins won academy awards, shows the magic it created with its catchy songs and visual effects. 

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