The Best Foreign Movies Of 2019.

When it comes to foreign movies, they have always represented an aesthetic, artistic sense which may be an anomaly from the regular “popcorn” flicks or Hollywood blockbusters. Foreign movies from across the globe usually fare great at the holy trifecta of film festivals – Cannes film festival, Venice film festival, Berlin film festival, among other prestigious film festivals across the world. If you are looking to watch some artistic, dynamic, thrilling foreign movies from various countries across the globe, we’ve compiled a list for you that will satiate your artistic sense.

1) Parasite (Gisaengchung) 2019 – South Korea.

This dark comedy thriller brought on to the big screen by director Bong Joon-Ho is one of the finest Korean movie ever made. It won the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. It is a modern-day take Downtown-Abbey that tackles various aspects of societal discrimination in South Korea with Bong Joon-Ho’s signature black humor. It is the first Korean movie to win a Palm d’Or, and its worldwide release in 2019 is highly anticipated.

2) Synonyms(Synonymes) 2019 – France/Israel. 

This French-Israeli drama film is a masterpiece by Israeli film director Nadav Lapid. In this modern times when nations are torn between the notions of Jingoism, this movie gives us an insight into the life of Yoav, an Israeli soldier, as he struggles with his ideologies of nationalism in modern-day France. This movie received numerous accolades like winning the FIPRESCI, an award given by the international federation of film critics and the prestigious Golden Bear at the 69th International Berlin Film festival. It was released to widespread critical acclaim in 2019 in Berlin.

3) Dogman 2019 – Italy

This crime drama, made by Italian director Matteo Garon, is based on real events. This grueling tale of a dog groomer caught in Italy’s drug underworld brought on screen through the magnificent vision of MatteoGarone is a must-watch the film in 2019. It was Italy’s official entry for the Best foreign film at the 91st Academy Awards. It was also nominated for 2018 Palme D’or. Marcello Fonte, the lead actor, won the best actor at the Cannes film festival 2018 for his haunting portrayal of Marcello the dog groomer. If you like foreign movies, then this is the one you must-watch in 2019.

4) Birds of Passage (Pajaros de Verano) 2019 – Colombia.

We’ve all been fascinated by the Colombian drug world ever since web series like Narcos gave an insight into the gruesome world of narcotics in Colombia. Director Cirro Guerra has woven this fantastic tale of the rise and fall of a family of indigenous Wayuu people in the Colombian drug underworld in the 60s and 70s. This movie is almost like watching a documentary of the Colombian drug trafficking in the 60s and 70s. It was Colombia’s official entry for the best foreign film at the 91st Academy Awards. It is also the highest-grossing Spanish language Colombian film.

5) Long day’s Journey into Night 2019 – China

This avant-garde film is a surreal take on Eugene O’Neil’s eponymous play.  Brought on-screen by Chinese auteur Bi Gan, this movie was shot for the first half in 2D and the second half in 3D. The film annals the emotional journey of LuoHongwo, through his hometown in Kaili. This movie is revered for its non-linear storyline and amazing visuals that enchant the audience not just into the story but the sheer art of film making. It is also one of the highest-grossing movies in pre-sale tickets in China. It may not be an unusual form of story-telling, but this movie is a delicacy for all art house cinema lovers.

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