Best Geek Movies of All Time

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Geek’ once was a term used for people with interests in movies deemed niche and nerdy. But it has changed for the better. Now with major successful comic-based movies, the geek culture is growing. 

Favourites are subjective and personal, but when it comes to ‘best of all time’ people seem to share the same sentiments. Geek movies are not limited to a few genres. You can find movies in many genres, be it drama, sci-fi, comedy or action. And unlike those rom-coms, these do not have recurring themes. You can find time travel, an encounter with aliens and paranormal entities, odd gizmos and gadgets, and apocalyptic and dystopian settings. To be a part of a thriving culture and contribute to a lucrative market, watch these best geek movies of all time. Here are 5 of the best geek movies of all time:

Star Wars Franchise 

No matter what people say about those number of prequels of star wars or the director’s fiddling with the original trilogy. Even people who have no idea about the storyline can name a few prominent characters. This makes the franchise, one of the best geek movies of all time. And add a very active fan base that refuses to die. Go to any comic-con; you always see a Darth Vader roaming around.

Akira (1988)

This movie brought Japanese animation to the west. It was a turning point for the anime community in the western part of the world. This brilliant manga adaptation, even after so many cuts and compressed storyline, was a stroke of genius. It is one of the reasons; this film is one of the best geek movies. Its success pushed anime to mainstream and shed light on Japanese animation.  

Office Space (1999)

This film perfectly manages to portray the life of an office goer. It captures the loath and angst of any office goer and leaves the audience with much more hatred for their job than ever before. Office space does a great job of depicting the horror and dullness of these jobs.

Memento (2000)

Memento is a great example of Non-linear cinema. It goes with the point of view of the main character to grab the attention of the audience. This allows the film to keep the element of suspense without a hitch. It forces the viewers to think and get involved all through the mysteries, making it a good thriller experience and an even better geek movie.

Pi (1998)

This independent paranoid thriller is absolute creative madness. Darren Aronofsky proved that he is a genius with this mixture of number theory, computer science, Wall Street, Kabbalah, and an obsessive genius. This brilliant blend of B&W cinematography, fast-paced editing, and inventive storyline makes it a unique work of cinema, unlike anything in the 90s.

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