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Acting, directing and producing movies are professions of art and aren’t just done to earn a living; they are recreational centres of entertainment for everybody in the daily hustle of life. There are scenarios where some obsessive enthusiasts who are naturally inclined towards risk and the adrenaline obtained from it have gone to extremes, to capture one of the most real feelings one can ever experience. Some great movies have put the actors through long lengths of exhilaration and risk on-sets, giving them not just the satisfaction of providing many people with a temporary recreation but also experiences that they could never forget. 

Here is a list of a few mind-blowing horror movie sets:

The Innkeepers

In 2009, while he was filming House of the Devil, director Ti West along with his crew was cost-cutting due to the low budget from the producers and thus had to stay in an aged, eccentric place that went by the name Yankee Peddler Inn. From the creepy stories they heard about the cursed backstory of that hotel, West has written the screenplay for the Innkeepers which was taken on the very same location. Sara Paxton, who was one of the cast, reported that she got a tweet from some unknown person at midnight, informing her that staying on the third floor is dangerous. The same floor was where she was staying while reading that tweet. 

West says that out of all the rooms in the hotel, one room was big, that could capacitate almost all the important shots. The decision was solely made on technical terms with no prior intel and later while ending the movie he came to know that the room he chose to depict as the cursed room, was the very room that was haunted in reality. 

The Conjuring

This industry hit released in 2013 had some spooky things happen to its crew as soon as the production started. Lead actress Vera Farmiga had gone through paramount feelings of dread when she noticed claw marks presumably occurring on the screen of her laptop while going through the script. There were reports of windstorms that only showed the effect on members of the real Perron family when they were on set.  The director himself was shook when his otherwise calm dog had started barking severely at a peculiar place in his home and then, traced what she was onto, across the room where there was just a wall. 

The Omen

This is said to be one of the most haunted film myths till date, reportedly involving two Plane crashes – one transporting the hero Gregory Peck and one having the producer Neufeld – both by lightning strikes with an eight-hour time gap between both the incidents. Two months before this, Gregory had to entomb his son, who died by committing suicide. 

The endless set of inexplainable and unfortunate events that occurred furthermore involved the stunt person Alf Joint falling from the terrace of a building amid a stunt performance for his next film, saying he felt the presence of some invisible force shoving him down. Also, the place where the producer was lodging was exploded by the IRA and the dogs used for the stunts, though trained, turned crazy out of the blue and charged cruelly on the trainer and severely injured him, piercing his safety armour. 

One of the most terrific incidents was when one of the designers working on the film, Liz Moore died in a car crash along with special effects head John Richardson by being torn into half due to the accident. Weirdly enough, the movie had almost the replica in an automobile crash scene and moreover, they were headed to omen in the Vetch valley in the Dutch region. Harvey Bernhard, the other producer, began carrying a cross due to the fright and was seen telling the reporters that all these were the devil’s moves as he did not like the movie being made. 

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