Best Marathi Movies You Should Never Miss

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Regional movies are the soul of Indian cinema. They are the reason beautiful stories from all over the country are told and watched. One good example of a thriving regional film industry is the Marathi film industry. Marathi films have not only achieved great success in the country but also globally. From great storytelling and screenplay to cinematography, Marathi movies are a treat for cinema lovers. 

Here are five Marathi movies you should watch for an incredible and satisfying cinematic experience. 

Court (2014)

Court tells the story of a folk singer’s trial in the Mumbai sessions court. It begins with the arrest of a singer on charges of inciting suicide and then slowly builds up to present a broader perspective of characters. Winner of the National Award for the Best Feature Film (2015) and India’s official entry to the Oscars (2016) ‘court’ is simply brilliant.

 Sairat (2016)

Sairat is the highest-grossing Marathi movie of all time. The film portrays the struggles of young love caught up in the clutches of the caste system in Indian society. Sairat is another cinematic masterpiece by the director of ‘Fandry’, Nagraj Manjule

Katyar Kaljat Ghusli (2015)

This Marathi movie is a spellbinding musical masterpiece that is strictly not to be missed stuff. Based on a play by the same name, the movie will leave you with ‘want more’ feeling thanks to some great music and excellent acting.

Killa (2015)

Killa revolves around an eleven-year-old boy and his struggles in tough times. This authentic,  heartwarming tale revolves around a mother-son relationship, which is both complicated and simple. The movie is an absolute delight to watch and is a measure of the quality of Marathi movies.

Natsamrat (2016) 

Natsamrat features Nana Patekar who plays the role of a popular theatre artist of years. But unable to reconcile to the changed circumstances he faces problems in his personal life. The film is an adaptation of a play by the same name. The pithy dialogues coupled with Nana Patekar’s sterling performance makes the film a truly memorable cinematic experience among Marathi movies.

Start your journey with these movies to savour the experience one of the most evolved among Indian regional film industry, if you haven’t already.

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