Best Movies for Children to Watch

In an era of so many films taking over, there is an array of movies for kids, belonging to different genres. Here is a list of some of the best movies for kids:


  • Home AloneImage result for home aloneAn 8-years old boy Kevin is accidentally left behind in the house while his family goes on a vacation. During his stay, two robbers plan a heist in the house. Kevin goes on a venture to protect the house from robbery. The whole venture is so subtly planned by Kevin that it brings about humorous situations in the movie. The ‘Home Alone’ series has many funny plots for kids to watch.


  • CinderellaImage result for cinderella movieChildhood isn’t complete without fairy tales. The most famous story, brought in the form of a movie, is ‘Cinderella.’ Living the life of a slave with her evil stepmother and sisters, a magic fairy turns Cinderella to a beautiful princess. The prince at the ball falls in love with her. By midnight, the magic over Cinderella fades, and she rushes back home, accidentally leaving a shoe behind, with the help of which the prince finds her out, and they stay happily after.


  • Ice Age Series Image result for Ice AgeIce Age is a series full of thrill and humour. In the movie, animals like Manny and Ellie the mammoths, Sid the sloth, Diego the Tiger, a human baby, Scrat the squirrel are on a journey to save themselves from natural catastrophes. The adventure, plot, dialogues and the characters together form a perfect series of films for kids.


  • The Jungle BookImage result for the jungle bookThe protagonist ‘Mowgli’ is raised by a pack of wolves when he is orphaned. But, due to the tiger named Sherkhan, he is compelled on leaving his only home, i.e. the jungle. Companions like Bhaloo and Bagheera mentor him on his journey of self-introspection, self-realization, and learn valuable life lessons.


  • Madagascar Image result for MadagascarFour zoo animals, Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippo from New York find themselves in Madagascar, due to a shipwreck. Having lived in the comfort of the zoo all the time, they find it arduous to survive the new life. They embark their journey back home where they meet new animals, face many challenges and perils and reach New York only to find that their mettle has grown too much to stay in captivity any more.


  • Harry Potter SeriesImage result for harry potterHarry Potter, who suddenly finds out that he is a wizard moves to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he makes many friends and enemies too. Every movie in the series is full of deep dark secrets, twists, and overwhelming suspense everywhere. The moral values of friendship, bravery, strength, family, commitment, knowledge, and so much more make this series the most loved among kids and adults as well.


  • AladdinImage result for aladdinAladdin, who is in pursuit of Princess Yasmin, shakes hands with the evil Jafar, who promises the princess to Aladdin. After getting the magic lamp, Aladdin learns about the nefarious plans of Jafar. The Genie who is freed from the lamp by Aladdin grants his wishes. With the help of the Genie, Aladdin manages to finish the devil Jafar and win the princess.

    These are few of the many movies of kids, which will help the kids learn virtues through a fun way.

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