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Best Stranded movies on a Desert Island.

Movies touch on many concept and situations that are possible yet unlikely to happen to the daily commuters. One such theme is the concept of being the lone survivor and being stranded on a deserted island. The notion revolves around the main protagonist who gets caught in a plane crash and shipwreck in a storm and drifts to an uninhabited island to find him/herself as the lone survivor. The movie entails the protagonist’s journey to survive, using only his wit and spirit to return to civilization.

Over time, many famous and talented film directors have produced and directed island survival movies. Some of them have withstood the test of time and have become classics that are known by everyone all around the world, even generations.

Here are some of the best island survival movies of all time:

  • Cast Away: starring Tom Hanks as a FedEx employee, the movie entails his attempt at surviving in a deserted island and fend for himself while clinging to his memories of his life and lover back home.

  • Lord of the Flies: Aired in 1990, the film is about a group of young boys who get stranded on an island where they must face the hardships and emotional struggle while running from their government leading to disastrous results.

  • Six Days, Seven Nights: The movie stars the talented Harrison Ford. The title of the movie shows the efforts of Harrison Ford and a woman played by Robin Monroe when they get stranded on an island to get their crashed plane up and running to return home.

  • Robinson Crusoe: A man, played by Pierce Brosnan finds himself on an island where he must build a new home while defending himself against the island savages for years before he is finally rescued.

  • Hell in the Pacific: During the World War 2, a Japanese naval officer and an American pilot find themselves alone on a deserted island where they must put aside their differences to help each other to survive.

These are some of the best island survival movies of all time and can be watched anytime and any number of times.

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