Best Will Smith Movies of All Time

It’s not easy to forget just how excellent Will Smith is. From fighting aliens to spending a night in a public restroom with his son, Big Willie has several blockbuster Hollywood movies in his pocket! Here’s a list of his all-time best films.

Men in blackImage result for the men in blackA sci-fi action comedy which was the 2nd highest-grossing film of that year. Will Smith plays a rogue cop recruited into a secret government organisation that handles aliens and protects the planet from attacks. The movie earned universal praise for its unique plot and witty humour.

I, Robot Image result for i robotSet in the year 2035 where humanoid robots are a part of civilisation, Smith plays a detective cop who detests robots and is tasked to halt the rise of machines gone rogue.

Pursuit of Happiness Image result for Pursuit of Happiness‘Pursuit of Happiness’ is a compelling Hollywood movie, which sends a profound, widespread impact amongst its viewers. The actor plays a unique role based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner and his time spent homeless. Smith co-stars with his real-life son, Jaden Smith for this film.

I am legend Image result for i am legendThe movie is a post – apocalyptic fiction.  An army virologist assumes the position of the last man left after a virus wipes out all of humankind. Immune to the virus, he is left to find a cure and fight off nocturnal mutants affected by it.

7 pounds Image result for 7 pounds‘7 pounds’ is Will Smith highly underrated movie.  He plays a character involved in a mishap where he accidentally kills seven people, including his fiancée, and how he undertakes a personal mission to change the lives of seven strangers.

Hancock Image result for hancockA comedy-drama that shows Smith playing a vigilante ‘superhero’ who keeps getting into trouble with the city due to his antics. A man he saves decides to return the favour by overhauling Hancock’s public image.

Hitch Image result for hitchA funny, light-hearted story that garnered delightful appreciation from the audience, this film makes a perfect rom-com choice for a date night.

Independence Day Image result for independence day will smithThis film is about a marine pilot stuck in the Nevada desert after extra-terrestrials have attacked the planet. This Hollywood movie is an instant classic and another highest-grossing movie of that year. 

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