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4 Sad Bollywood Movies That will Make You Weep

Written by Pooja

As much as people love laughing while watching comedy films, people also love the charisma that every tragedy brings along. Watching sad Bollywood movies that will make you weep is a cathartic experience and will definitely help purge your emotions. It’s a sort of a detox that will instantly make you feel all warm in your heart. Here are 4 sad bollywood movies you can cry your hearts out to.


Rajesh Khanna plays Anand who suffers from the lymphosarcoma of the intestine and doesn’t have much time left. And yet, his sole focus is to make everyone’s life happier. Anand is a good man and a great friend. When he passes away, you’re allowed to cry as much as you’d like.


One of the most successful films in Bollywood, Sholay has everything from fights to comedy to the excellent chemistry between the Amitabh-Dharmendra duo. However, when Jay dies for a selfless cause and breathes his last in his best friend Veeru’s arms, you will not be able to control your tears.

Kabhi Khushi Khabhie Gham

The whole film is quite emotional and the tagline says “It’s all about loving your parents”. Parents, especially for us Indians, are our weakness and we love a good family drama about a mother being forced to live without her son. This tearjerker is great for a good family watch.

Rang De Basanti

All is well id DJ and friends until one of their dedicated Air Force pilot friends passes away. Instead of paying him the respect he deserves, he is blamed for being a lousy pilot. This overwhelming incident shakes up the entire gang and what they do is arguably inspiring. But the song Luka Chuppi will break your heart into pieces, especially the stoic performance by the gorgeous and graceful Waheeda Rehman.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Two innocent lovers are separated by the girl’s father and the girl is married off to someone else. The couple’s pain, especially the girl’s (portrayed by Aishwarya Rai) is palpable and will make your romantic heart all weepy. It’s worth it.

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