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5 Most Emotional Bollywood Movies of All Time

Written by Pooja

Us Indians love our Bollywood films, which are full of masala, moving performances and sentimental dialogues. There have been many emotional Bollywood films to grace the screens in history. Today, we list five most emotional Bollywood movies of all time.


The happy-go-lucky protagonist Anand is all about making everyone happy. Little do we know that Anand is terminally ill and is about to leave all his friends who love him deeply. Rajesh Khanna plays the titular role.


A young woman suffers from a concussion in a car accident. It’s later discovered that she suffers from retrograde amnesia and cannot remember anything from her past. She is sold to a brothel and rescued by a kind hearted man who works as a teacher. Sridevi and Kamal Hassan play the lead roles.

Rang De Basanti

An Air Force pilot dies in a job-related accident but the government refuses to take responsibility. The pilot’s gang of friends decide to stage a protest. The film has shades of friendship, patriotism, struggle and many emotional moments.

Taare Zameen Par

This story about a dyslexic boy moved all of us. Darsheel Safary plays Ishaan, a boy who has a tough time learning at school but his parents don’t exactly understand why and think he is not trying hard enough. Darsheel does an amazing job as does Aamir Khan, who plays an art teacher who understands a thing or two about learning disabilities.


Barfi is a deaf and mute man who doesn’t let his challenges stop him from being himself. He forms an unusual bond with his childhood friend Jhilmil, who is autistic. This story of Barfi’s heartbreaks, triumphs and relationships is one emotional Bollywood movie!

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