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5 Reasons We Still Remember Aamir-Karisma’s Raja Hindustani Even After 20 Years

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Written by Mansi Gupta

Who can forget the Pardesi song, the dialogues and of course that kiss? Yes! We are talking about Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor starrer Raja Hindustani which has completed 20 years of its release this month. This out-and-out romantic film became a cult in the 90s for the sizzling chemistry between the leads. From its music to dialogues to costumes, we loved everything about Raja Hindustani.

As the film clocks 20 years of its release, here’s listing 5 things that make us remember it even today.

1. Pardesi Song

The very first thing that comes to mind about this film is its song, “Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahin“. From its meaningful lyrics to video and Aamir’s heart-wrenching emotions, the song has everything in it. Nadeem-Shravan’s music made it even more soulful. The chartbuster song is so popular that the references of it are still used by the fans jokingly or even in serious situations.

2. That “Kiss”

Aamir Khan Karishma Kapoor Lip Lock
Who can forget that iconic kiss! Today it seems like “what’s the big deal about a kiss“, but 20 years ago it was a big deal. The movie created a stir when Aamir locked lips with Karisma during a sequence in the film. It was the longest french kiss (that lasted for about a minute) which was a way too much ahead of the times. It was a path-breaking film in that respect.

3. One of the Highest-Grossing Films of the 90s
The film proved to be a blockbuster at the box office and went out to become one of the highest-grossing films of the 90s. It swept of all the leading awards at 42nd Filmfare Awards that year, with Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor winning the Best Actor and Actress Awards respectively.

4. Karisma’s stunning makeover
Karisma Kapoor stunned everyone with her look in the film. She sported both the Western and Indian costumes and looked stunning in both of them. Her look in the film became quite a rage and trend during that time. Who can forget her red dress in one of the sequences and blue saree from the song “Poocho Jara Poocho“? And, did you know that she was not the first choice for this role? And also, this was the first and last time Aamir and Karisma were paired in a movie.

5. The Music
Raja Hindustani is also remembered for its music. Nadeem-Shravan’s heart-touching music was the soul of the film. Not just Pardesi Pardesi, all the other songs of the film became chartbusters within no time of its release. The album is one of the best-selling Bollywood soundtrack albums of all times.

Feel like watching this movie all over again? Same here!

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