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Ab Dangal Hoga! The Movie Preview You Have Been Waiting For

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Written by Sanjana Sule

If there’s one thing that has been dominating the entertainment headlines for the past few weeks it’s Dangal. The buzz surrounding this movie started back when the first poster of Aamir Khan was released. At first, there was a lot of curiosity surrounding Aamir’s role. Other than the fact that he played a wrestler, little else was known. But then the Dangal trailer dropped, and all hell broke loose.

Ever since the Dangal movie preview released two months ago, it’s all people have been talking about. Aamir Khan will be seen back on the silver screen after a two-year hiatus. This upcoming Bollywood movie is based on the story of the former champion wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two daughters Geeta and Babita.

The movie required Aamir Khan to portray two versions of Phogat. The younger Phogat in all the glory of his wrestler hay-days and the older fifty-year-old father of four. The latter version needed Aamir to pile on the weight. A perfectionist that he is, Amir refused a fat suit insisting on putting on the kilos. The weight which he would later have to shed in order to portray the younger Mahavir Phogat. Aamir’s miraculous transformation and weight loss have managed to grab plenty of attention from the fans and media alike, becoming a tale of marvel and awe.

The Dangal movie preview has received a tremendously positive response, making it one of the most anticipated movies to be hitting the box-office this year. The two-minute long trailer of Dangal is extremely detailed and gives you a peek at all that you can expect out of this movie.

Set in a small village in Haryana, the film takes you through the rustic yet idyllic by lanes of village life. The movie takes you inside the mind frame of Mahavir Singh Phogat, as his internal monologue is narrated by Aamir Khan in a soft coaxing voice, laden heavily with a Haryanvi accent. The background score, the dialogues, the visuals, all hit the right notes.

The Bollywood movie promises to be an emotional rollercoaster exploring the complexities of the father-daughter relation as well as highlighting the physical, mental and emotional struggle the Phogat sisters had to undergo in order to achieve the dream of winning a Gold medal. It was a rough path they set out on, and the movie reminds you of it.

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